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Get the Best Room Rate at Hotel Nuova Italia Florence - Guaranteed! Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and consequently attracts an enormous amount of tourists to its amazing sites and rich artistic gems. Florence may be rich but many of us who want to experience this fabulous city are not! Hotel Nuova Italia Florence is proud to offer a high quality of hotel room at a low price, especially for those on a budget, but to make sure that you really make every possible saving, book through our online booking system now for the cheapest prices possible!

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Our online booking system is completely secure and allows you to book your room in real time and in the utmost confidence. Furthermore, by using our system you are guaranteed the best room rate. Cut out the middle man and deal with us directly to leave you with more money to spend in and around Florence.


No deposit is necessary and by simply providing your credit card and contact details you can relax in absolute confidence that your room is securely booked and you have the cheapest price. As if this wasn't enough, our 100% secure online booking system also provides Special Offers from time to time to further maximise our great value for money.

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By signing up for our newsletter you can also be kept up to date of exclusive promotions that we offer periodically for those we wish to reward for their custom through our loyalty programme. Why go elsewhere and waste your money paying higher prices for the same facilities and service - let us do what we do best and look after you financially because that's what we believe is part of our ethos of customer care and service! All you have to do then is simply sit back and soak up one of the most stunning places on Earth. Don't delay!! Book today!